Rendezvous with the Sunrise

Frail beams lightly penetrate the relentless dark


Night howlers and crooners alike have ceased their song

Each morn’ beckons a moment of silence for seemingly endless minutes

Wait befalls me as I fondle dew-ridden grass

Anxiety swells as I perch idly by for a sign of my beloved


Chill wanes with each prominent tick of the second hand

Tame currents greet me with tender shoves

Amidst the tranquility comes a crescendo of ambiance

Our sonata begins…

His flickering radiance begins its scarlet ascend

Each foothold deposits a residue of rosy hues

He illustrates his intangible adoration across the once-somber sky

Rays from his gleam embrace my lips

Heat from his brilliance caress my longing heart

All fears escape me as I gaze at his affectionate display

Yet it shall not be forever… dusk shall inevitably take him away

However cruel nightfall might be, Fortune has blessed our love

For every dawn announces a passionate affair


~Laura Heine Keasey


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