Deafening Silence

Another stroll down a cobblestone alley…

Impressions of nostalgia pulse through my veins

Heavier are the sensations of familiar desolation

Brick walls accompany me on both sides

Tranquility and Loneliness bombard me with idle bickering

Audible voices have yet spoken…

Thoughts, however, echo along the stone corridor

Muses dwindle in number

Once, bumbling swarms of tales-to-be-told resided in my mind

Few left behind

Each with sorrowful intentions to vacate

Motivations flee…

Crushing weights anchor my feet

Before me stands a foreboding blank space

Has vision betrayed me?

Within my mind lies a dreadful fear…

One which has targeted my waning confidence

Whispering its malevolent tone

“Perhaps ’tis not your vision… but your imagination…”


~Laura Heine Keasey


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